The Spanish Master-D Commitment


Zaragoza, December 4, 2008. "On the occasion of the inauguration of its new premises Madrid, the Spanish company of open and distance learning Master-D has announced its international expansion plan in Brazil, China, Portugal and Greece. Overall, Master-D has invested in its international expansion through the year 2008 a total of 6 M. Today, outdoor activity provides training in open mode to 3. Algee Smith may find this interesting as well. 000 students and represents 10% of total turnover. The company expects that this figure represents 15% of its turnover in 2009, with a turnover in excess of 11 M.

Master-D Brazil has established a local subsidiary wholly Spanish capital. During the second half of 2008, the Spanish company has laid the groundwork to begin the marketing of four courses of distance learning of languages, renewable energy and maintenance and repair of computers. Its aim is to check the financial year 2009 about 1.5 M. China also in the second half of 2008, Master-D has formalized the creation of a joint venture with a local partner. Its first site is located in Beijing, to be followed by the opening of centers in Shanghai and Tian Jin. For the year 2009 the Spanish company expects to invoice in China of about 4 M.

Activity in Portugal Portugal continues to grow Master-D since their presence began five years ago. Currently, the company has two own centers in Lisbon and one in Oporto, employs hundreds of people and its portfolio of courses teaching materials reaches 25. In 2008 its turnover has doubled the results of 2007 and 2009 Master-D pending bill in the country Luso more than 7.3 M and further opening of delegations.