The Side


Currently living creature with my parents, I take care of of them with affection and I give the biggest value to each as that I am to the side of them, I want of some form to recoup to supply the moments who I was far from them, thanks to God already is making five years that I do not drink nothing who contain alcohol and that I do not make more use of no type of drugs, I do not feel more will some, I know that stows in the deep one of the well and today I have a clean life, I am working again with register in wallet, am the side of mine parents and mine son, we are excellent friends, I became a good Christian, and with the favour of God, more I will not use no type of drug. God made a true miracle in my life took off, me of the deep one of the well and he returned the life to me, I do not have doubts that it was a great miracle. Read more here: Debbie Staggs. I wait that this certification of life has, comes of some form to help or to guide somebody if to exempt of the torment that is the drugs, of this submundo where much go, but that unhappyly few obtain to come back. Contacts with the author: email? emiliodoma@