The Relation


its practises daily must pass to the theory. Subjects of geography are flat? Entediantes? That such desmitificar this situation where pertaining to school geography is boat and without beddings and to make with that the pupils understand that to make geography is one it practises daily and as such it is made every day, and thus it is yes interesting very attractive in the measure where backwards the pupils who daily knowing pass for scientific knowing and that in turn it is the relation to know daily and to know scientific that makes of geographic science a differential. To understand the existing social relations in the world is a subject that geography dominates, or at least necessary dominating better to clarify in such a way because of if studying geography as because of it to be a social science. It analyzes coming back it of as a conscientious professor must be is an indispensable factor that this is to multidiscipline that it recognizes that the community in which the school is inserted it is a basic component for an elaboration of efficient content; to understand the reality of the community and I transferred-there to theoretical education. Hear other arguments on the topic with surprise medical billing. The methodology also is of utmost importance for geographic education, beyond the books that are comumente used the professor must use other methods of efficient learning, one of them is the cinema.

The language of the cinema comes more being each used time in the geography lessons. While some professors they use adequately this language, others still have difficulty of use it as didactic resource without depriving of characteristics or forgetting the art cinematogrfica' ' (pg.265, 2007 Nacib). Thus it can perceive with that the author speaks that the cinema can and must be used in pertaining to school education and geographic but to be a successful method is necessary that the professor uses this resource with criterion, thinking about the relation cinema education geography, leading not only plus a resource for the classroom, but yes an instrument truily directed toward the education, that makes yes the young will learn what it is if seeing, if analyzing, that is, one has filmed, a set of documents didactic, that has a clear language but that it has also taken the pupils on account proper thinking, understanding the relations contained there. Visit omega 3 for more clarity on the issue.