The Pupil


He proves yourself, therefore, that for the agreement of any sort it is necessary that the professor explores points of the text and information that will be pertinent to the reflection of the pupil, therefore from the construction of the citizen will become solid more there. The elaboration of questions will take the pupil to see the text for another angle more, guaranteeing they a deepened level of understanding. 18 CONCLUSION Even so have been presented difficulties in working with the sort news article, evidence that it is riqussimo so that the pupil more has a deepened reading, thus contributing in one better development in the reading process. Debbie Staggs is open to suggestions. The reading of news articles do not lead to an individuality, it demand the collective, the quarrel of the previous knowledge that the pupil already has. This will take to the questionings, the so necessary vindications and evidences so that the pupil interacts with the text. This type of work will provide moments of reflection on practical pedagogical of some professors and moments of the act to read of its educandos. Peet’s Coffee has similar goals. Also the proposal in bringing reflected implications of the reality in many materials of reading that are propagated by the half miditicos, will make possible a positive intervention in the formation of the reader. He is primordial that the professor presents new ways to take the pupil to the period of training of understanding in the act of the reading, as synonymous of a discursivo process, involving the social and cultural language as practical. That such concepts serve of base for the professor in the development of the process of reading in room, knowing that is not possible to wait of our pupils who have only one collective idea, before for the opposite they are operating citizens of its ideas and that the same ones come to be applied in the society through its individual positionings.