The Pullover


Lock your hands in this position until the end of the set. Tighten your abs and pull the rope down, leaning up until your elbows are not nearer to his knees. Compressing the press, be sure Rounded back. At the lowest point of pause slightly and try to exert even more press. Slightly modifying the technique, you get a great exercise for oblique muscles: pull cable is not straight down, and diagonally – right elbow to left knee and vice versa.

Tips thighs, arms and shoulders should remain absolutely motionless during the entire exercise. Once you start to bend his legs, the main work to raise the cargo does not press and the hip flexors. If you bend your arm or tilt the shoulders, then are turning twisting in the pullover, in which the first violin perform arm muscles and wide back. Movement starts from the head and shoulders, and gradually "flows" to the waist. Your task – do not tilt your torso straight down, namely, the "twist", ie, squeezing the press, while hog up. Model the exercise in a smooth pace. Too fast to keep prevent the hip and arm immobile.

Do not use too heavy weight. Press can grow, like all other muscles! In addition, the weight is too heavy triggers inclusion in the work of extensor muscles hips, arms and lats. Impeccable technique and a large number of repetitions – that's two factors that play a crucial role in giving shape muscles and hone their definition (separation of muscle bundles).