The Problem

At that time I actually wanted to strengthen my conviction that that was difficult to feed my alibi against abstinence. Perhaps what missed you this specialist for cause in my behavior change was to convince me that my difficulty in leaving cigarette had to do with my interpretation about the problem and not the own habit of smoking. At that time I did not see that decisions are associated with elements that, if well be associated from the outside, occur within the individual. Omega 3 shines more light on the discussion. Whatever it decides is a door that opens from the inside. If you would like to know more then you should visit ihor kononenko. Behind each method to quit smoking, it is the will of the individual. Methods for quitting smoking that they sold in the market are based on the Objectivist gaze of the problem. Leverage the traditional look that individuals have on the problem.

As result, people pay for a treatment amounts fairly high money, but finally success rests on the willingness and emotional disposition of the individual, something which is not necessary to pay that all that withing it. Acupuncture, the auto-hypnosis, nicotinosos patches, special gum, and hundreds of other methods serve only if the individual is willing to quit smoking. These methods are necessary to the extent that person explains his circumstance of smoking by appealing to external conditions. But they lose sense if our gaze is more oriented to the raised shape Here, i.e., focusing the problem on the way as explain our work and the way in which we observe as observers. Diagnosis we do about our situation of smokers does not correspond to what is really happening, but the expression of our own way of observing. For that to quit smoking must change explanations that give us reason about what happens to us. Otherwise all we have is a good explanation about why we can not quit smoking. And that does not quit. The explanations are in an antojadizas sense, the actions do not.