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On the table are only the balls one through nine (which was originally arranged in a diamond shape), and score the players should take turns. Ie each player during a strike must strike the ball, with the number, the smallest of all located on the table. A foul is a strike, in which a player gets cue ball over the ball not with the smallest number. The winner is the one who scored the ninth ball without a foul, that is, two possibilities: the ninth ball was the last ball on the table or player strikes the ball with the lowest, while pocketing the ninth. It should be noted that the distance between walls of the hole in the table "pool" where a 1.5 world. We now turn to the form of billiards, "Russian." About him briefly.

Table than in the field. The balls are also much greater, and the distance between the walls of the wells for a couple of inches bigger than the ball. The initial arrangement of balls similar to the "eight" pool. All the balls in a pyramid of white. Cue, which is also located at the other side (side table), red. It should be noted that after the first shot, a player can choose for any of the cue ball standing on the table balls. You can score the ball like the one on which the player strikes cue ball, scored a ball called a "foreign", or you can score directly to that ball, in which a player strikes the cue, ie, cue itself (such pocketed ball is called "your").