The Man

Finally, if a person is what he does and how person not properly exerts its being free, in the sense of not consistently respond to the challenge of the responsibility of a projection of the elective Act based on a single criterion, then that person becomes one of the lot, its inertia works in the manner of defining it as a common man. Not occur the elective Act of appropriating form, the exercise of his being free is managed according to the standard, without more (without appropriating this chord), and as such it could be said that it is not occurring; It is freedom without responsibility. What has taken place all the time has been, in fact, a waiver of responsibility. The resignation before his being free waiver is given the responsibility of exercising its being free. Man, commonly, arrives to reveal, in their daily lives as a slave. The way by which arrives the status of slave of many to slave of some State, or in other words, transit through which comes to be integrated in an authoritarian society, comes propitiated from precisely this waiver before his being free. This is not surprising: conditional exercise their essential freedom has been from the outset in the hands of others.

These others, which make up the heap is also himself, as one more. While keeping only in this way, this another heap will be anyone, which may be represented by the same or by anyone. But it can also be represented by any group in particular, and when it is, we are already in the presence of a so-called authoritarian society, where being free is hampered as such. We see this a little more closely. The man, normally does not know itself of its freedom, has no news of it in so far as is developing its maneuver as something that is simply.