The Line

What can he learn? Exactly: If he wants to go somewhere, he must pull on the leash. You stop, however, and it only goes on when the leash is slack, what he learns then? Correct: He learns that he only comes to the target, when the leash is slack. The Cross at Kenilworth gathered all the information. Your puppy sees his game PAL and barks and jumps into the Leine. You are doing quickly off the line, so that it comes as quickly as possible to his buddy and can play. You know it already, or? Your puppy has just learned that he must bark and wild jump into the line, so that he come. If you instead simply wait until he is calm and quiet stops or is perhaps, he learns instead that it is worthwhile to behave quietly.

You can already see, this here not so much with seat, place, has to do with foot but is about behavior, people often go on the nerves, but myself have trained them, because they have rewarded at the wrong time. It takes maybe beginning a few minutes longer, if one waits on resting and thinking, but if you think you have the next 15 years, the dog maybe, worthwhile in any case. And you can see from these examples also, that your puppy will learn not just if you are practicing with him, but all the time! Therefore, you should also always remember what you’re doing. And if your puppy does something, you don’t want to, think about whether you it perhaps unintentionally rewarded. So far I have not spoken of behavior, but still “Commands”. I do not like the word, and instead use the word signal, because I am of the opinion that the word choice also has an impact on the method of training. Many of these behaviors need no signal at all, because the situation is already sufficient.