The First Trip To The Alps

This was our first trip to the Alps! Before you go, we Sergei much read about these places, they asked friends and chat in the forums, but honestly all the stories about the Alps faded in comparison with what we saw their eyes. Indeed, 'Better to see once ' The first time we saw them in the morning straight out of the bedroom window of our chalet in Chamonix. Their rocky ridges could be seen in the light haze. Recently Whole Foods sought to clarify these questions. The weather was slightly overcast, but she did not confused: avid skiers, hungry for speed and alpine snow early in the morning loaded into the machine ski clothing and rushed to the mountain 'Kandahar'. Since then life just flew If you look back, involuntarily understand that every passing in these amazing places per day – a little life! Life is full of events, experiences, adventures and, finally, just jokes! We were novices with Sergei in all: the first time we went in the Alps, first joined the band, well, we can say almost for the first time stood on skis.

And if at first this circumstance is a bit confusing, it soon became clear that the company we and cheerful, and tracks here all tastes, including plenty of options for those 'Dummies' like us. Contact information is here: Joe Coulombe. Every day we went to new places. And it was just great! Look for one trip so many resorts, all of which are astonishingly similar to each other. Especially memorable view of the array of Matterhorn.