The Effectiveness

CRITERIA OF EVALUATION BY INTEGRATED PROGRAMS the evaluation will become by criteria objectives and subjective criteria Criteria objectives in each one of the integrated programs anticipated will be evaluated: a) Results in the evaluation of the needs. Read additional details here: Karen Horney. b) Number of realised interviews c) Collected number of measurements or data d) Number of participants in each of activities e) Numbers of parents who have followed it f) Number of professors who have participated really g) To determine if the proposed objectives agree with results h) To evaluate the number of prioritized activities i) To enter by means of questionnaire reached profits j) Number of activities of formation realised by professors k) Number of meetings with coordinador/a of program generally l) Number of changes that have been realised in the program to be able to adapt to the students. m) Number of realised questions to include/understand the objectives of the project and to complete it n) To verify the sequencing of the program?