The Breeder

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Think for yourself, whether people who are profiting by selling dogs to spread $ 200 for a quarter page ad? A professionals sometimes make such advertising for several years. We ourselves often give advertisements in magazines, not only for finding buyers for the puppies, but for the stories about the successes of the kennel, our dogs. Quite often you can find good puppy on newspaper ads "Hand in Hand", etc. In recent months, Eugene Gendlin has been very successful. Because of their accessibility by experienced breeders often give place ads, given the huge audience of these publications. Unfortunately, there are encountered and ads on who do not buy dogs, but usually it turns on the stage of the first telephone conversation with the breeder. Fortunately, over the past few years, the number of Internet users in Russia grew by several times, and most of the nurseries have their own sites or pages on the web. It's not just advertising puppies, and a kind of "diary" about the life of the nursery, its owners and occupants, news and detailed account of all events.

If you have opportunity to visit these sites – be sure to make it. The site has always given the address and phone number of nursery. Touching on such advertising, keep in mind that most likely, you call a professional dog breeder, owner does not one but several dogs. Quite often on a sign he has a few litters of puppies. Be sure to tell for what purpose you would like to purchase a dog, planning to participate in exhibitions, engage in rock or just dreaming of a beautiful dog, and show and breed you're not interested. As a rule, responsible breeders are willing to answer newbie questions, but be prepared for that and you have to answer in detail the conditions under which you plan to keep the puppy, whether you have a dog, whether in the family young children, whether you are submitting, how much it can do the animals.

Do not be afraid of the abundance of issues – serious breeders care about the the fate of his dogs and he always wants to and you are responsible about its "children". It would be better if before the first contact with the breeder you are at least theoretically, get ready for the appearance of a dog – read the literature about the breed, care the puppy and feeding. Perhaps your prospective breeder disprove something from your reading – rarely happens that a book written by true professionals, and many of the recommendations, published today, is already outdated. And yet, you give to understand that the decision to have a dog for you – not a momentary whim, but a calculated move. Do not try to show himself a connoisseur of the breed. We sometimes call these "know-all" – believe me, they look funny and very ugly and does not cause the desire to continue the conversation. Most likely, the breeder will invite you to visit to see the puppies and their mother. Get ready – you may go to the first meeting with his puppy!