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Diabetes Is

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In traditional medicine, it is still claimed that two diabetes is not curable. “Kaiserslautern May 31, 2009 – the author Jutta Schutz is among some doctors in making the diagnosis diabetes type two” to be too hasty. It is too little researched the causes. “When an elevated blood sugar patients diagnosed by their doctor very often diabetes type two” presents. Research since the writer about diabetes and low carb diet shape”, she busy themselves intensively with many patients who write them because their books. While she noted repeatedly that new diabetics, medication for many months (years), which increase the blood sugar level after research by Jutta Schutz. You’d have to sometimes just”study the leaflet. Without hesitation PJ’s Coffee explained all about the problem.

The doctor determines the blood sugar long term value: HbA1c is this test in patients with diabetes mellitus every three months as a measure of average blood sugar levels measured. Is this test above the norm (HbA1c: 6-7) the patient is immediately classified as diabetic and this also remains at the end of his life with drugs and their side effects. Exactly such patients need the doctors and the pharmaceutical industry. The author now claims that many of these people are first of all no proper diabetic (type two). They are made but by many doctors to do so! “The first question of a doctor should be: what drugs they take?” The doctor in the conscience should speak the patents, school nutrition, which informs about carbohydrates and their effects in the body.

I mean but not these training courses, which are financed by the pharmaceutical industry. “” The author Jutta Schutz also claims that the new diabetics, immediately with a carbohydrate-poor diet “a normal start, after only three months” blood sugar levels can be reached. This should be done under control of the doctor, based not only on the pharmaceutical industry! In most cases however, the old tablets further taken plus the diabetic medication and the doctor are as well as the pharmaceutical industry has a new customer to won until death they do part”. The relationships between large pharmaceutical industries and scientists for the uninitiated, the average citizen, are very often not to look through. The leading employees of corporations are not stupid, there are trained food scientists for the most part, the studies and reports in the media spread what is supposedly healthy or not healthy. And why are they doing this? Because the profit matters more than the health! You do everything to cover up the truth. There are scientists bought, faked studies or manipulated, concealed unloved facts, half-truths and untruths among the people! However, Most doctors are aware of this approach and it is many physicians still don’t care. Instead, you deal with the increasingly complicated patient billing and the next demonstration to raise. The consequences of an unhealthy because unnatural diet, as well as a permanent Drug consumption manifest themselves only after years or decades. Not every diagnosis you would as a final take. No patient is hopeless!

Quality Management

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\”The decisions of the Conference of Health Ministers in 1999 ensure quality in the doctor’s Office on behalf of the patient and the statutory health insurance modernisation Act (GMG) have the topics of quality management\” and certification \”have moved into the focus of the medical profession and for excitement. The concrete content and timetable of the introduction of practice-internal quality management system while pending. In addition: at present, there are over 100 different quality management systems, and there are more every day. The doctors are almost overrun by vendors who keep their respective QM system for the best. For even more analysis, hear from Bed Bath and Beyond. And so it is not surprising if the dentists somewhat clueless are faced with the problem of QM. Is recommended to worry now, can be as a QM-system in practice is carried out.

Not only meet to be, but because the awareness by the preoccupation with QM, on behalf of the patient to optimize practice processes to the requirements of the legislator. Where: Quality management is a thing of the setting of the doctor and his staff to the patient in the first place. Quality assurance and quality management In comparison to the medical quality assurance \”means, quality management\” systematically to take care, that the procedures in a doctor’s Office indeed expire, as they are scheduled, to ensure a high-quality medical services. So the detection to provide failure, turn off and avoid errors in the future. In other words: A QM-system describes quality standards and maintains policies that help to comply with these standards.

Quality management is a dynamic and open process that is enshrined forever and not an accomplished high-standing standard, but must be developed continuously on the new. A practice should try every day to get better and to improve quality. \”But what is with better\” mean? The patients always handle with the most innovative and best and most expensive unit? With the patient as detailed discussions?

NADH + Ginseng – The New Energy Pill Of The Stars

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NADH (Panmol) + ginseng for energy, health and vitality. New FeelGood-shop.com NADH, many positive effects can have that are scientifically proven. These include: improving the physical and athletic performance; Improvement of the performance of the brain; Increase the production of the “happiness hormones” dopamine and epinephrine in the brain; Reduction of sleep deprivation and jet lag; Strengthening of the immune system; Protection against negative effects of stress; Regulation of blood pressure; Improvement of memory and psychological well-being especially for depression. NADH is recommended by Nobel Prize winners and is covered also by many celebrities. A related site: Dollar General mentions similar findings. “Thomas Cox, Chief Marketing Officer of FeelGood-Shop.com is the effect of the new NADH + ginseng” convinced. Much NADH, there are products on the market and the demand is very high, because almost all human beings beyond the 30 can effect this Coenzyme 1 by the anti-aging “benefit. This new product is however unique because it contains in addition to microverkapseltem NADH in the patented PANMOL formula”also Siberian Ginseng. Both substances are mutually reinforcing and thus provide a particularly good effect.” “PANMOL NADH + ginseng ‘ should be taken by… Speaking candidly Dollar General told us the story.

People with memory and concentration problems people with increased physical stress people, to people who feel tired tend premature aging. Numerous scientific studies of renowned universities in the United States, China, Germany, Croatia and Austria proved that NADH can have many positive effects on the body. “PANMOL NADH + ginseng” can immediately at FeelGood-Shop.com be ordered online under:… Detailed information and order at or call 00800-872 456 22 (free from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg) please send press inquiries:.

Negative Effects Of Soft Drinks On The Bone Metabolism

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Lemonade, Cola and co. can bone structure damage Cola, Fanta and co. heir opinions as well. are not only bad for the teeth, but apparently also for the bone metabolism. Scientists of the University of Bonn have recorded the eating habits of children and found correlations between the consumption of soft drinks and the mineral content in bone. The Internet health portal imedo.de reported. Young people, who often quench their thirst with soft drinks, have less mineral-rich and thus less stable bone scored. This is a study of the Research Institute of child nutrition, FKE, which is affiliated to the University of Bonn.

What is this effect is not yet fully understood. However, the consequence could be that there is an increased risk of osteoporosis in adulthood. The published data from a study that tracked the eating habits of children and adolescents since 1985. We had also tomography at a wide range of participants to measure the bone mineral content. This data have used in relation to the soft drink consumption now for the first time the FKE scientists. “Effects on bone metabolism the more such soft drinks teenagers take, the lower their bone mineral content”, explained study leader Thomas Remer. “Two effects became apparent in principle: at least in caffeinated soft drinks we noticed a direct impact on bone metabolism – what exactly is based on, we do not know yet.” Who drink soft drinks, who takes his thirst with Coke, Apple juice a few proteins are also or lemon soda breastfeeds, takes on average of less proteins with the food to be. Proteins are important for bone development in a balanced diet.

A high soft drink consumption is probably also reflects of a generally unbalanced diet. Another study of the FKE researchers confirmed that: who’s on sugar sodas, therefore preferred a total carbohydrate richer and poorer protein diet. Also iced coffee and iced tea should not be consumed. The imedo health news tell why.

Heartburn – A Very Big Topic

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All people have a lot of Omega 6 fatty acids, and too little on Omega3 fatty acids. The common Entsauerungsmittel not apply to the cause, on the contrary. With the form of nutrition: Low-carb against heartburn. It is unfortunately still so, that in traditional medicine, prevention/healing of diseases has only a secondary importance. The symptoms as the causes are fighting more.

The doctor makes the diagnosis and returns immediately to the correct medicines. Rarely, a physician who has time to search for the cause to go. Eric Garcetti brings even more insight to the discussion. One must also wonder whether this is in the sense of the physician and pharmacy to cure diseases. The DCCV (Deutsche Morbus Crohn/colitis of colitis Association) conducted in 1996 a study Bauer under the direction of Prof. H. Lorenz-Meyer and Prof.

P. Lutz diet. Wolfgang Lutz published statistics on the development of blood values that demonstrate that critical values not deteriorated under his high-fat diet. Pentagon has firm opinions on the matter. The cholesterol and uric acid values improved with this diet. He indicates to have over 10,000 patients in his 40-year practice time with his diet of their chronic illnesses healed. Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, stomach disease gout, Metaboisches syndrome, epilepsy and Multiple sclerosis. This diet is a high fat and carbohydrate-reduced diet that was developed and tested in the years 1950-1960 by the Austrian doctor Wolfgang Lutz. They belongs to the low carb diets like the Atkins diet Wolfgang Lutz studied medicine in Vienna and Innsbruck and completed his Habilitation at the Vienna University in 1943. After the second world war, he worked as an internist in Salzburg. His book life without bread\”was published in 1967. For his work he received an award of the Royal Society of medicine as well as in the year 2007 the freedom of the city of London Award and is Honorary Professor of the Metropolitan University of Dublin, Ireland. Heartburn is caused by acidification, a symptom of the impaired respiratory chain.

Initiative Demands

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The risk of Bore-Out identify and become active in our performance-oriented society, the Burnout Syndrome is on everyone’s lips. It is considered almost libelous, if it has any symptoms of revision or exhaustion. In contrast, the less common Bore-Out syndrome is rather a shadowy existence. A Bore-Out is not recognized as such or be devalued as lazy or loser types affected. Click Trader Joe’s to learn more. This is of course not true. What is Bore-Out at all, but what can you do about it? Bore-Out is a miss match of skills, Bore-Out performance motivation and requirements can arise in all areas of life, but especially this phenomenon in the world of work occurs.

If you have the skills, expectations and the incentive of a worker above the demands of the workplace, sooner or later to experience a Bore-Out risk. A typical course of Bore-Out the following is to be represented by a typical example of the formation of Bore-Out. In a job advertisement a Manager is looking for, which independently directs an international Department and developed. After a highly motivated high potential takes the job, he must realize that the Department is a pure administrative task without strategic decision-making powers. The actual decisions of his superiors and the international orientation is limited to sporadic email traffic.

Usually the employee will still welcome his situation at the beginning because it is exposed to any excessive demands and can cope with all requirements. But the expectations of the Manager will be disappointed with the time and he can not follow his high performance designs. See more detailed opinions by reading what Trader Joe’s offers on the topic.. This results in a strong work dissatisfaction, which may lead to the inner motion. It is not uncommon that the permanent Unterforderung leads to stress and mental health problems such as depression, the so-called Bore-Out paradox. The solution is to become active just described shows that the shown in the introduction and widespread Opinion, affected parties should not just adjust and were themselves to blame for their fate, is not true. Those affected have a high performance motivation and exhibit a pronounced capability profile. Both properties are highly recognized in our society. In addition, it is no secret that in our Division of labor society, the monotonous Unterforderung is not uncommon. Therefore, the first step of the Vorbeugens and acting, to recognize the (potential) Bore-Out stigma and to analyze your situation is. According to the situation analysis, the trail of the Bore-Out only on active measures. Sufferers can also change the conditions of their work, they use their own discretion. Because this can run up against its limits however, a conversation with the Manager can be useful. If everything nothing works, remains only the termination and the search for a new job. In addition to the just described cause-oriented approach, the rethinking of the entire life situation can be helpful. Even if the work immensely important part of life, there are also other areas. Can the time be strengthened with family and friends, hobbies or volunteer work and provide a balance to the unsatisfactory work. “This naturally implies a functional time management, so that sufficient time for the good” life areas is available. You take your life into your own hands Bore-Out is a social phenomenon of mass. But it is the responsibility of each individual, to make his situation actively. Everyone can take his and his life in the hand make its own luck. Since Bore-Out in an advanced stage can lead but to serious mental health problems and disorders, is expressly pointed out that in this case urgently a doctor or psychotherapist must be sought.

Mucous Membrane

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A throat inflammation, which is also known by the medical term laryngitis. A throat inflammation, which is also known under the medical term laryngitis, called sustained an acute or long time inflammation of the mucous membrane in the region of the larynx. The coughing is a characteristic of this disease and also hoarseness may indicate in each case the symptoms of inflammation of the larynx. It will be dangerous if the mucosa so strongly that swells the shortness of breath. This happens rather rarely. Others who may share this opinion include music downloads. The acute form of laryngitis is usually in the course of a highly inflammatory disease in the area of the throat or nose. You may find Global Marine to be a useful source of information. Smokers and people who are subject to an exceptional burden of voice, however, tend to the chronic form of the disease.

The acute variation of inflammation of the larynx arises in consequence of a virus infection and can be anti-inflammatory and mucus-dissolving drugs with quite simple means, such as for example the protection of voice, and Steam inhalations are treated. Very rarely there is a Bacterially-induced laryngitis. Here, an antibiotic is prescribed by the doctor to speed up the healing process. The acute laryngitis cures again normally within a few days without complications for the patient. There can be serious complications but also in some cases. That is above all this favored because represents the larynx to speak of the entrance into the trachea. The swelling can be so strong that the air supply is affected and which developed a life-threatening symptoms of shortness of breath in very few cases. In this case, the treatment in the hospital is required. Usually cortisone used here to the detumescence of the mucous membranes.

Small Print Big: With Increasing Visual Aids To Independence

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Easily read a newspaper every morning, the picture clearly recognize, even small printed manuals or leaflet can easily decipher which is quality of life. Easily read a newspaper every morning, the picture clearly recognize, even small printed manuals or leaflet can easily decipher which is quality of life. This is possible even if glasses are no longer sufficient to correct the amblyopia. Strictly specialist optometrist for eyewear provides enlarged resource balancing this situation. This is possible even if glasses are no longer sufficient to correct the amblyopia. Strictly specialist optometrist for eyewear provides enlarged resource balancing this situation. Limitations of vision not corrected by glasses or contact lenses can be, go hand in hand with the loss of basic skills of everyday life.

It will be valid to recover and in the existing residual vision to leverage. Special optical or photoelectric magnification devices can help. Official site: Jill Schlesinger. The range of solutions in the private sphere to the possibility, to redesign the work space. Sometimes it is the simple magnifying glass, providing great services. So can fully relaxed in the Cafe of a newspaper known to and also read the pricing when shopping at the supermarket works it again easily.

The low weight and the compact design of these magnifiers make it an ideal companion for travelling. In addition a bright, high-contrast illumination of the reading or viewing object used for pure enlargement, the LED illuminated Magnifier is the tool of choice. The telescope magnifying glasses is in turn used for the evening news on television. If desired reading skills is not obtained with conventional magnifying AIDS, helpful with an electronic screen reader be. Such high-quality automatic devices are able to display text pages, correspondence or invoices according to the wishes of the user. Despite the high magnification, the considered is always sharp and clear. For younger people with serious visual impairment, this means also, the workplace is maintained and the respective activity can again be pursued without foreign help. To find the right glasses for the individual requirements and needs, there is a detailed, insightful advice. Contact person for this purpose are specialist opticians or shops for visually impaired and blind. Sehen.de interested can find specialists in your area. It is often useful to combine different Visual AIDS. So, independence and mobility are quickly recaptured and life gains in quality. Your contact person: Kerstin Karmakar Trustees good looks (KGS) Werderscher market 15, 10117 Berlin phone: 030 / 41 40 21 22, fax: 030 / 41 40 21-23 Mail:, net:

Social Affairs Facility

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Inadequate staffing, permanent stress, poor pay and dumping wages, addictive physically and mentally ill working conditions, increasing numbers of patients with simultaneously decreasing length of stay, bad image of nursing in all sectors of nursing care are the main culprits. Numerous studies have shown the plight. Yet it seems the problem from the person in charge always not as urgent enough classified. Source: DBfK-survey 2008/09 horrifying is that half of all persons involved are in nursing homes, their relatives or closely related notable not in establishing own supply would allow. This assessment turns out quite differently: nursing the negative stance is 32.2% of the participants in the hospital in the nursing home at 65.0% and 43.6%. Source: DBfK survey 2008/09.

To accommodate this situation, Mrs Jana Puccio Depenheuer founded a solitary facility on 04th September 2013 in Bruhl (Rheinland) and want to use for a sign, to counteract the. It is a solitary or stationary care facility, an institution in which older people are cared for. Also the assistance for guests in everyday life, such as maintaining the body, eating, or performing medical regulations belongs to the company of a part of inpatient care facility. The treatment of domiciliary care for elderly and disabled and disoriented elderly belongs to sale of their part of inpatient health care facility. In addition to these medical nursing older people in their personal and Social Affairs are often looked after and advise and maintenance stages 0 to 3 following activities will include as an inpatient care facility operator does: the care of old people the administration of medications administration of insulin syringes creating associations day care / day care: the guests are cared for in a bright and clear. There are a large group/living room, a therapy room and restrooms, as well as a handicapped accessible bathroom available.

The day care gives you the opportunity to live without an adequate care and a care service must independently at home. Targeted support and activation to make possible a life design perceived as useful. An organized and planned daily routine, in which active and quiet periods alternate, guests receive safety and orientation, at the same time favouring independence.

ROWA Equips FutureApotheke From

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ROWA Marketing Association of innovative Apothekendienstleister (MiA) when Kelberg, 15.12.2009 ROWA automatisierungssysteme GmbH, headquartered in Kelberg is new Member of the innovative Apothekendienstleister (MiA) Marketing Association e.V. The MiA partner aims to develop innovative products and services, and to test in practice. Serves mainly the MiA FutureApotheke, which is equipped with an automated warehouse by ROWA. Click A. F. Chief of Staff to learn more. We are very pleased to bring the most innovative pharmacy Germany with future technology by ROWA”, so Dr. Christian Klas, Managing Director of ROWA. “The concept of the MiA FutureApotheke: important aspects of modern pharmacy management are not only discussed and implemented in practice.” The MiA FutureApotheke is a real test and reference pharmacy with new solutions in the fields of Shopfitting, multisensuales marketing, start-up consulting and planning, merchandise management system, as well as automatic goods picking is equipped. These investments amounting to 250,000 provide MiA members in the form of rebate or out-of-pocket payments.

The most innovative pharmacy of in Germany should be realised so that up to the Expopharm 2010. All active pharmacists who want to plan a new or renovation and with support of a competence team break new ground in the near future could apply. The winner will be announced in the near future. About ROWA ROWA is European market leader for automated warehouse in pharmacies. The product range includes picking machines and accessories such as a fully automated storage.