Social Security

According to data provided by group retreat, pioneer and leader in Spain with more than 15 years of experience in the management of annuities on older buildings, investments in this area have increased considerably in the year 2010. In times of crisis like the current this type of investments are a great alternative to the classical financial investments (impositions to term, stock exchange, public debt, investment funds, etc.). Investment groups acquire directly to their own societies, those properties of elderly people that better fit their investors approaches, obtaining important profitability. Get more background information with materials from Barry Stevens. After the signing of annuity notarized writing through which acquires Nuda ownership of dwellings, investors will start to pay a monthly rent until the death of the elderly. Quantities that correspond to monthly pensions are constant in most of the operations, therefore impacting on them the inflationary effect of the passage of time.

In addition, annuities are investments that are apart from certain junctures in the market real estate, since the possible periods of stagnation / reduction of the value of the homes are offset by others of high revaluation as it has traditionally been happening. Operations have been made on different ages of older persons, from the 69 and 84 years; with different characteristics and locations of homes, in particular, into twelve districts of Madrid and four cities next to Madrid; with virtually all modalities: annuities, temporary income, income with cash advance and single payment of capital and also with right of usufruct on homes and renunciation of the right of use and enjoyment of the same by need moved to a seniors residence from the time of recruitment; and with monthly incomes that have been of 550 to 4,780. To perform this operation, investors need to have sufficient liquidity to meet all costs up to the end of transactions (buying and selling expenses, monthly rents and annual expenses of the property). The duration of the operations will always be until the death of the rentiers, being the term average between 10 to 15 years. However, investors have the possibility of having homes prior to the death of the rentiers, if they renounce the use and enjoyment of the House wish / need to move to a residence / Senior Center. Furthermore, these investments are a genuine social dimension intrinsic. Beneficiaries of monthly income investors must pay are necessarily older persons (aged 65), that in many cases, they are in a situation of real need: their incomes are low and not come normally to make ends meet, money urges them to move to a residence, should be made against debts or payment of any mortgagethey want to help their children, among others. Thanks to the Constitution of an annuity may significantly increase their income (up to 2-3 (times their income from Social Security), and thereby improve their quality of life.