Many times it is not necessary to extend too much, when there is something that is absolutely proven, and knows for sure that it is true. To sum it up in some way, you could say something as elementary as that benefit us the good things and the bad us harm. Ones and others, cannot be controlled in its extension, since people live dependent on what holds us destination, so if it is real, is that each individual’s own attitude, predisposes it one way or another. In human existence, there are many paths by which people can travel, some make them by choice, that is ideal, and others for his misfortune, have no choice (or they don’t want to do it), and go where send it it. Additional information is available at PJ’s Coffee. However, at the end everything is is reduced to two unique addresses, one that takes you through the path that leads to the light, and another, which you drag to darkest lands, inevitably leading to darkness. Light or dark, that is the choice, although not always human beings, have the ability and the wisdom needed to make the right decision when it has real opportunity to do so. Lights: joy, kindness, self-esteem, adaptability, self-confidence, good humor, creativity, enthusiasm, illusion, joy, motivation, optimism, resilience, sense of humor, overcoming… Shadows: anxiety, boredom, disappointment, defeatism, discouragement, depression, distrust, disappointment, stress, frustration, sinking, anger, fear, bad mood, hate, pessimism, anger, sadness. Do you, and what path you choose?