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Filling of key pages. A key chapter in understanding the site owner – starting to show. There may be few, if the site already has lots of information, not necessarily home page is key. But in any case a key page – a page that is common to view the site majority of all users entering your site. And it makes it a key page content site content – the most popular topics on the site should be described briefly on it and have plenty of options the inside pages, where there will be detailed information on the topic.

Conclusion: The most popular and interesting forward to it did not have to spend much time looking in the wilds of the site. Brief descriptions of the contents section. From such descriptions, in fact, are the key pages of your Web site. But this is not advertising and press releases published and is the site that the user has come for the information it needs. This means that no advertising gimmicks and distortion of information summaries should not contain. If the user had read and became interested in the description transforms into a section to get detailed information on the subject, and sees the text is not really about what he was expecting to read, it just closes the page, and possibly the entire site. The conclusion is simple – be honest with our users when you create the site and respect him as you respect yourself. Detailed text on the subject.

When you start editing written text before putting it on the site, cut all unnecessary turnovers, remove unnecessary adjectives text as much as possible, leaving him only the essence. Assume that the user has read more, but still you should not feed him extra characters, leave this useless competition. To better understand this, imagine that each user has a limited character limit, which it can be read on each site. A task to give the user as much as possible useful information before it, that he became interested in and then the ranking of your site in his eyes is higher than the rating of its competitors.