Seed And Field

Seed and field If you it is of History, shows to me the points to You to establish connection, so that I trace I walk of the day to follow. Therefore it bothers me the idea to visit the plan of the humanity and not to plant at least some seeds that alert and can raise some to the reflection of the abstract, that makes to sail in the plain spiritual, searching the persistence for the taking of the certain route. PDF Downloads might disagree with that approach. I do not want to be only plus one to complete a number, or is alive alone because not yet I died, ' ' vivendo' ' for he is ' ' vivo.' ' Sir, does not leave me in this life without a task to fulfill, going for going; he makes use of me, since I am here. I know that to be Your servant is to serve the brother, therefore, since the grace are great, of – me seed and field so that more to Its harvest are added supreme. The narrow door and to the pressed way, therefore necessary leads me it to walk for it and to enter for it, because I need to find the Life. .