Rolls Royce Phantom

The appearance is indeed powerful, but not quite as showy as the again more expensive Rolls Royce Phantom in truth the only opponents of the Mulsanne. The Bentley’s strengths: its superb processing and an infinite love in detail. This begins in the stainless steel wire mesh of the grille… and ends in the rear window that is recessed into the body seamlessly. The subtly used trunk lid by the way hides a laughably small trunk: 443 litres are likely intended for the hand luggage of the dominions.

You can order the leather itself a billion possibilities in 24 different colours; the straps are available in same colour variety. 5,590 still two tones, various forms of seam and Paspelierungen, which makes the thing pretty complicated. In addition nine different wood veneers are available, which can in turn be refined with inlays or Bentley logo. You’ve got it not easy as wealthy. Considering also the over 100 exterior colors into consideration, more than a billion, to make his Mulsanne possibilities.

Most probably, you do not stop with all this, but focused his desire right on individual requests. A painting of the Mulsanne itself mixed satin color finally more of 31.278 euros. Many small LED Lamperln and Xenon headlights are the insignia of the new time. Whoever wants to nostalgic s can be ordered also a hood ornament instead of the Bentley logo on the hood; the winged B of course. The Crewe on the request flag refers to the place of birth. Modern world slide we this furniture aside and we change on better-known terrain to the automobiles. Also here are obviously superlatives offered. We start the engine: Bentley holds to the traditional recipe of his XXL limousine-Turbo V8 and rear-wheel drive can be but modern inroads: variable camshafts, cylinder shut-down, eight-speed automatic transmission. Thanks to twin turbocharging makes the V8 in the classic 6.75-liter format proud 512 HP.