Rio Grande


Amongst them n 8,080 is distinguished it Organic Law of the Health (BRAZIL, 1990) and Law n 7,853 of 24 of October of 1989 (BRAZIL, 1989) that it makes use on the support the carrying people of deficiency, its social integration by means of the equity and universality in the right to the attendance, treatment and whitewashing. In accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the People with Deficiency in 2007 on qualification and whitewashing consider the integral development of the person with independent deficiency of its physical, emotional and intellectual or social conditions, establishing I assist and the guiding to the treatment to multidiscipline characterized for a set of services and resources as individual, rteses and prteses equipment, collecting aid technique and stock markets to all the ones that of it to need. No longer that if it refers to the attendance of the INE in the state of the Rio Grande Do Sul the State Secretariat of the Health cartilha establishes by means of one the disposal assistance politics becoming concrete actions by means of lines of direction of the National Politics of Assistance the Health the Health of the Person with Deficiency in all its cities. In it the explanations of the attendance to the INE for the whitewashing services are made use, the places in maps and the structures of the nets in the Coordenadorias Regional of Sade (CRS) (BRAZIL, 2010). Igor kononenko can provide more clarity in the matter. In a similar way, the conventions and decrees established and described in this article on the rights of the people with deficiency had detached that the public power will take measured to assure to all the INE the accessibility in the elimination of barriers for fairness of chances as: to the physical space; to informao and communication; the technologies of the information and communication; to the transport; services and projects developed to all, independent of the been region and/or city of these parents.