Rio De Janeiro


The educators will be able to open spaces for manifestations that make possible the work with the difference, the exercise of the imagination, the auto-expression, the discovery and the invention, new percipient experiences, experimentation of the plurality, multiplicity and diversity of values, felt and intentions. The art values the organization of the world of the child and the young, its auto-understanding, as well as the relationship with the other and its half one. Thus we contextualizamos the work in the source of the playful one and making, with the action most significant of what the results, that is, do not consider activities that do not take the nothing. If to think about a project and its process, each stage will present resulted that it will be able to become or not one another project. The results of the processes can be a stage or its finishing in teatrais, choreographic, musical spectacles, expositions, shows, performances etc.

the interaction enters the conception of art and the conception of education is directed in the confluence of what we know as art-education, concept this that points with respect to the agreement of a question ampler than it is the art in the educative space: a pedagogical project with practical one in art. We detach the question, in view of that none another one disciplines has necessity of an emphasis in its nomenclature when of the inclusion in a proposal pedagogical. The practical ones educative they appear of mobilizations the social, pedagogical, philosophical, and, in case of art, artistic and also aesthetic. When characterized at its different historical moments, they help to better understand the question of the educational process and its relation with the proper life. In Brazil, for example, the cultural movements in the correlation between art and education had been important since century XIX. Cultural and artistic events, as the creation of the School of Beautiful Arts in Rio De Janeiro and the presence of the French Mission and of European artists of reputation, had defined in this century the formation of professionals of art to the institucional level.