Ricardo Agurchia

Her story – particularly telling example of sudden, catastrophic collapse of highly developed culture in Mesoamerica. Why does the same tormented Grube? Why does he so happy? His astonished ladder. Only one stair. It barely showed through the hieroglyphs: the time severely damaged inscription. What was special about this ladder? She was part of an ancient temple that was hiding inside another huge temple – hid behind the massive walls, like a doll in another. About 1300 years ago Mayan builders carefully filled with sand and a small temple built above it a new cult pyramid archaeologists have it listed now called 'the temple-16.

" Not surprisingly, that the Mayans 'buried' his old house: many majestic buildings of the era it was built on this principle – their layered on old buildings – and these days they can be cleaned, like an onion. However, in this case, the builders did a very unusual: falling asleep ancient temple with sand, they took care not to damage the slightest details of it. Found lurking as a monument until 1992. Honduran archaeologist Ricardo Agurchia examined the 'temple-16'. he topic.. The workers, who helped him, for something struck a hole in one of the inner walls of the temple.

Formed hole. 'You choose from overhanging the tunnel – and before you suddenly grows a huge wall. Its height – twelve feet. This is the facade of an ancient temple. It shimmers with blue, red and yellow colors' – enthusiastically said Grube. Scientists dubbed this hidden from all the structure Pink and purple temple.