Results Same

Reference amounts to a loss of 10% payable lead due to modified the terms of payment of supplier contracts. Although the camp envelope rate of 7.22 to 7.64 however increases now all yield figures worsen. Only the equity ratio increases slightly due to the reduction of the balance sheet. The following happened: while the part a reduction in storage could be achieved, however, the Suppression of the financing of stocks leads to unwanted Results. More information is housed here: iPhone 12. 2.2 case B: In unison each decrease 10% merchandise assets and liabilities. This has a positive effect on the yield structure. For example increases the return on equity to less than 5%.

Conclusion: The reduction of assets and liabilities to the same percentage amounts is that are clearly shows – a management goal, which is always successful. Therefore the contracts must with the suppliers not only analyzed but possibly after negotiations in this context is also to think about jointly funded innovation or are of own brands that physically renegotiated. 2.3 case C there are reasonable suppliers. Although tighter is planned on the part of the chain stores, conditions can be arranged in case C with suppliers, representing a supplier funding at the same level as before the reduction of the location in the result, because it is assumed that sales remain the same. Also the closure of offices and relocating the sales on large units of belonging to the Group In the result the same industry, profit center network cause a lower capital in assets. The market power of the chain stores would suffice to make the same amount of vendor financing, such as return on equity to 14% rises.

This is the result of declining borrowing costs which diminish the extent how working capital can be reduced. 2.4 conclusion brings benefits while focusing on improved stock handling speed, but yield reserves remain unused.