Red Riding Hood Winery

All routes are described in folders, which can be acquired in the national park information. Every weekend guided tours and hikes take place also. For families with children, there are to experience a lot. A detour in the Hainich is worthwhile in any case, if you on your tour at Unstrut cycle path would enjoy a special experience of nature. Further it went up on the Unstrut cycle path of Sommerda. Even if the wind complicated something cycling on this day, the two cyclists experienced a very nice bike ride along the Unstrut. Frankly, a little bit they noticed the wheel-kilometer leg now – therefore they moved their town wandering Sommerda on the next day and made the evening quite comfortably.

3. Day when riding a bike on the Unstrut: Sommerda Artern NEBRA (68 km) after a walking tour in the historical Sommerda left the AugustusTours the city in the direction of Artern employees and then biked on the Unstrut cycle path to NEBRA. This small town in the Unstrut Valley to the attention of world public opinion moved with the finding of the 3,600-year-old “Nebra sky disk”. This event showed that already during the bronze age the people appreciate the advantages of this region knew that lies embedded in the natural park “Saale-Unstrut-Triassic land”. Culture and tourism actively NEBRA is becoming today a modern city with tradition, charm and welcoming atmosphere for its guests – a great place, to make a more eventful tour sound off! 4Th day of our bike trip on the Unstrut cycle path: NEBRA Naumburg (33 km) today moved it from NEBRA about the champagne town Freyburg Naumburg. Unfortunately, the two cyclists had no time to treat yourself to a champagne in the little Red Riding Hood Winery, this would recommend but cyclists on the Unstrut in any case! The tour led to the Unstrut confluence with the Saale, in the Cathedral City of Naumburg. Sunny weather and vineyards accompanied the cyclists on this last tour on the Unstrut cycle path: bike 175 kilometres were now in the legs and many great photos and memories in the luggage! Culminated enjoyed a glass of Saale-Unstrut woman Kempt and Mrs Bachmann wine and now looking forward, AugustusTours wheel travel guests much better of to be able to advise the cycling holidays on the Unstrut cycle path. AugustusTours E.k. Turner trail 6., 01097 Dresden