Rabbit As A Business

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Do you have a yard or just a house in the village with an empty garden? Do not rush to sell it. A very real way of additional (and perhaps the main income) – this rabbit. You can start with two rabbits, Yes, as would not it just sounded, but it's actually true. Rabbits have a very high fertility. With the right approach can give a rabbit okrolov 06.05 per year (this is more than 40 rabbits) that after feeding to be about 100-120 kg of meat and skins 35-40. However, to achieve good results is only possible while ensuring the necessary conditions of the rabbits. Conditions of detention are a very important factor in obtaining high-quality products Rabbits.

Most common way the content of rabbits – a cell. When the content of rabbits in animal cells, the main herd is placed on one individual in a cage. Young animals contain groups. The main purpose of the cell – to create comfortable environment for the rabbit. Which material is better to make the cell? As warm air in winter and summer? How to carry out disinfection of cells? These are the questions you can answer only krolikovody practice, those who involved and know the rabbit is not the first year. Examples of cells large set! And which one is right for you depends on many factors: the location of where you live to breed, you are going to grow.

Having bought a few rabbits and cages built for them, we should not delude ourselves with the thought that now remains to count the number of okrolov and profit from the sale of meat and skins. Rabbits are very susceptible to various diseases. Therefore, veterinary science is by no means the last place in the breeding of these animals. Not be amiss from the outset to examine the main disease of rabbits and their control measures. This information is complete and in books about rabbits and the Internet. Feeding – another an important component of rabbit. With proper and balanced diet can prevent many diseases of rabbits. Most people who become involved in rabbit, are interested in this branch of animal husbandry solely as a lucrative business. Profits can be obtained by selling such a useful rabbit meat and skins. Ways of slaughtering and butchering a carcass, there are many, but they are all similar.