Public Attendant

Who takes care of has that to have in mind that to work with the public requires patience and balance, therefore in its day-day if to all come across with people of the type and yearnings. However when this attendant has the desire to serve and to serve with quality these challenges it if they become pleasant and stimulants. The attendant has that to be safe in its appearance and its look, therefore the form to take care of today is not simply where can help? The attendant goes of magical words does not have that to be prepared to know the product that vende and also to take care of of the after-sales that determine the fidelizao of its customer, and to work with desire to conquer each time more customers and with this to grow its credibility consequentemente and of the company who you represent all account in a negotiation voice tone, look appearance, corporal position you this more also vendendo this being analyzed. How thus tone voice? Tone of voice yes you cannot have an arrogant tone, nor so little introspective you are necessary confident attendants and safe of itself and emotionally the attendant has that to be decided well, therefore an attendant with personal problems intervenes with its actions. Problems exist human being, but never it can be transmitted for if the customer.