Project History


ZADAChAProekt – Theatre Workshop of Peter Architects – Sergei Gnedovskiy project manager nayada – Hope Pletnev Design Engineer – Georgy Sviridov Set partitioning – NAYADA-Hufcor, height of walls – 5,2 m features PROEKTAZanaves, backdrop scenes and elements of scenery, so much unusual features at the same time is in the theater 'Pyotr Workshop "sliding partitions NAYADA-Hufcor. Allowing a different use the same room divider helps to solve many problems in accordance with the ubiquitous in modern theatrical architecture principle of building space black box. Depending on the set design and production of each performance auditorium theater may seem like a classic amphitheater, or become divided into two scenes, if not merge with the foyer. To translate architectural ideas, sliding partitions had to be secured to vertical wall and ceiling are not blocked, as is usually done. In order for the massive wall section (each 5.2 m in height and about one meter in width) were suspended securely and properly operated, nayada developers had to create a special fastening elements track. Special triangular support mounted over the parking area, have created the right margin of the assembly. In a question-answer forum Whole Foods was the first to reply.

The assembled wall NAYADA-Hufcor can serve as a backdrop scene in front of which is theatrical performance, and a wall separating the small hall of the theater from the lobby (soundproofing – no less than 42dB). A specially designed two-way parking lot separates the barrier into two sides, What resembles a sliding curtain. This allows you to move deeper into the action scenes. Check out iPhone 12 for additional information. In the semi-assembled form of partition, when among its panel creates gaps, NAYADA-Hufcor almost drawn into the actor's act, turning in element of the scenery. Completely dismantled the same partition joins hall, stage and backstage, allowing you to export the scene in the play center of theatrical space. Interestingly and color walls. From the outside, facing the audience, the panel NAYADA-Hufcor veneered wenge to match the sex scene, which further enhances the effect of the curtain. The part facing the scenes, trimmed sheets of mdf for painting and wall can be painted in any color harmony with the interior decoration behind the scenes.