Professor Carlos Diez

Tell them stories and ask them to write them and read them.At school, teachers who give meaning to the reading (why and for what one reads), and encourage your students to analyze, infer, conclude and summarize. Allow them their opinion about what they read them.Don’t search they memorize, but that criticism and propose other ways to narrate; that you arrive with questions on the text. Not read fluently; leave to anticipations (do you think that it can happen?) and who relate what they read with I saw it.Numbers, for the math recital should not look like an abstract area or no relation some with daily living or other branches of knowledge, says Margarita Ospina, PhD in this science.They should teach from and for life; students recognize them in everyday phenomena and then to learn how and why work algorithms present in them, says Professor Carlos Diez.Las Baccalaureate mathematics weaknesses arise from pre-school, adds. At this stage there to teach them that in daily life there are things by counting, grouping, and sorting.In mathematics is not memorized: be conceptualizLos students must face problems and find ways to resolve them, take the time to think and reflect. To improve the performance of students – recommended Carlos Rodriguez, director of the project 60 seconds, the Foundation Alberto Merani – is the key to increase the hours of study through additional courses, both in time of classes and vacation. Taken from: the original author time and source of the article