Professional Make Up

It is true, it is necessary to make a mini blanket of brushes to achieve a perfect finish in makeup. Makeup artists use professional brushes and some are longer than usual. Many of you os Moveis, it is more complicated to use them. And it is true, to begin with, it is easier to start with the mini version. Many brands launch boxes with mini sizes.

Brushes are shorter and make a small selection of the essential. But you have to be careful, notice that the quality of the hair is the same. Not because they are shorter, the quality must vary. I recommend Dior or Mac. They are very complete and very good quality blankets. There’s no excuse to use brushes in your makeup. Another product to aim.

Long photo shoots, tweaks from last time, like the eyes, as I already told you, the skin also suffers theirs. Many of the models have very sensitive and dry skin and it is not recommended to use too much powder to get the skin does not shine. My trick to correct a glowing skin without using powders are essential the anti-glare screen wipes or drying. They are sheets that leave matte skin without altering the makeup. It is only necessary to press with one of them on the area to qualify and ready. To my Mac, Blot’s I really like film. But they have some very similar and cheaper in Mercadona. Always take them with you. Original author and source of the article.