President Commander


They try to say that the census is something normal for the execution of public policies when actually they know well that the only valid public policy is what orders the President Commander every Sunday in his Alo Presidente. That seriousness then is that? How can pretend that I them my vote in a primary? With that face I will ask? When the Germans invaded France in 1940, the Armistice that signed the Petain Marshal involved the French tolerated the Germans into a supposed peace. General De Gaulle, who was Deputy Minister of Defense, in open confrontation to the Armistice, resigns and flees to England and directed from there resistance to the invader. The Vichy Government, as he was called to be that the city where Marshal Petain signed the Armistice, collaborated with the German invader and from there onwards the collaborationist term was applied to situations where it is tolerated what is intolerable. De Gaulle could have stayed in the busy, enjoying his position France. But he did the right thing, and began his struggle that ultimately would not know how it would end. Petzel Gallery is often quoted on this topic. I take a position front and honour did the right thing.

These are the values that must rescue here. If you would like you could considered certain opponents, by other presidential candidates, this attitude? I would call it without a doubt, collaborationist. You could expect from a candidate and collaborationist party? That in case of winning eventually elections, already in the Government, should be provided to tolerate what is clearly unacceptable in order to pass all the dirty clothes that this Government has accumulated under the table. And that is what unfortunately fear from civil society. There are things that definitely cannot be tolerated, as did General De Gaulle in France in 1940. Already the Government of Hugo Chavez step point of no return. Already divided to the society into two irreconcilable halves.