Potatoes Bakers


Now that either we were in cuaresma or it begins to be time of prepares a rich codfish. Many forms exist to prepare it, as much with tomato and chick-peas, like with muselina of garlic, as to Vizcaya but today we are going to do it of one of the simplest forms, alhorno with potatoes bakers. Ingredients for the codfish to the furnace with potatoes bakers: 400 gr. Bike House is the source for more interesting facts. of codfish. 2 onions medians.

2 small potatoes. 1 tomato sauce glass. 3 garlic. Parsley, oil and rallado bread. We peel and we cut to the potatoes and the onions in slices of about 5 mm in thickness. Asimosmo, we cut the codfish in square of not more than 5 xs 5 cm.

We greased of oil a furnace tray well. We are placing, of form put in, the potato slices and onion until covering all the tray. This will be a bed of onion and potato. We spill the sauce of tomato over the slices, uniform form. We place the codfish pieces above, with the skin downwards. We water with a little oil each piece of codfish. We make a sheepfold of the following form. We peel garlic and we squash finely in a mortar along with the parsley, cut. We add to the rallado bread and gotitas of oil, until making a mass consistent. We put a teaspoon of that mass upon each piece of codfish, trying repartila, so that it covers all the piece. We preheat the furnace to 240C, and placed the tray of the codfish, until it grazes of upon the pieces is crisp, but not burned. In our recipe book it will be able to find, besides the prescription of codfish to the furnace, other delicious prescriptions like gratinados tubular powders, or fillets of chicken. Original author and source of the article