Plumbing Systems

Features and benefits of sanitary ceramics. It's no secret that the current Russian market is oversaturated with products from the sanitary faience (sanitary ware). So, how did all right without extra time, and most important financial costs to choose the toilet? That we (consumers) need to know first? Let's start with the fact that the toilets (plumbing) are several types: bowls, suspended, attached to system installation, interior bowls or so-called compact (ceramic cup) bowls interior ladders to the wall (the tank is hidden inside the wall). Now consider the differences and advantages between these types of toilets. Wall hung toilet bowl – the benefits of these toilets is that this design allows you to significantly increase the usable area in the regeneration of sanitary zone. Since for WC, system installation embedded inside the wall. Another not unimportant, plus a similar design, it is easy to clean and maintain. Since there are no unnecessary elements (ceramic cistern) and other remote places.

Toilet seat outdoor / addl – in such a construction does not need installation system that allows you to make the system much cheaper than the toilet bowl hung from the system installation. For these toilets purchased plastic bins without metal framework, which in turn is also hiding in the nutria walls and openings. That can increase the amount of usable space. Outdoor toilet bowl with a ceramic cup – does not require any additional installation cost and equipment, as in previous versions. Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA will undoubtedly add to your understanding. However, significant disadvantages of such toilets – this extra care, because the toilet tank is outside and has a presence hard to reach places.