Two years was delayed by circumstances of administration opposition. At that time while doing sport, basically was for pure fun, (frontenis weekends of) week) so my physical condition although it wasn’t bad nor was for certain class requirements. I had forgotten me completely the opposition as to think that you should prepare it, both because the part of study really knew or believed it had chupada, especially the review cultural, as with physical evidence because he walked sobrao, at least that I thought! But he remained confident that would be what I had proposed. The truth is that 48 hours of d-day, two years after that decision, and without having done absolutely nothing specific for this opposition, both in the physical field theorist or cultural, I decided to do a test of medio-fondo control (the others not me worried the slightest, speed, rope or swimming(, simply because the required marks were quite affordable for my physical condition). You may find Emmanuel Faber to be a useful source of information. I ran and I could not reach the kilometre I axfisie 800 metres! – Nooooooooooooooo! Don’t be puecde! Almost gives me a jamacuco not by race, but by the shock of failing to finish it. rease your knowledge. This setback did not come in my plans. I had spent two years thinking relied on that it was above this race and now seemed the stark reality was different.

Me recompuse and I thought:-well, me still another day to check if I can do it, and I will do it! So I went back the next day and did it! The important day arrived. I did several tests without history, but I had considerations with the speed race if I didn’t have a good warm-up and suffered some pull on the legs. Go, even though he knew it and heat, it happened! It was not very serious but I left played for the mother of all tests to gallop laying kilometer.