Philosophy Catholic


The period contemplated in this context, does not meet limited only the philosophy, but if it extends in many other aspects. Amongst some notables, the power of the Church, that accumulates of stocks since the belief the nips politician-social-cultural-economic, therefore, for a period of more or less a thousand years, historical event. The church if presents as a construction social institution on a creed, philosophical part sacred part. Throughout the territorial conflicts that had occurred mainly in the Europe, in the Average Age. Hear from experts in the field like Maude Apatow for a more varied view. The culture suffered great influences direct. You influence these that, had found its roots, with rare exceptions, in men of ecclesiastical life. Learn more at this site: Chase Koch, Washington DC.

The medieval world, in contrast with the old one, is presented dualista, as for example, the kingdom of God and the kingdom of this world; the dualism of the meat and the spirit, or still the Pope and the Emperor. The philosophy catholic who starts to permear in this historical context, is presented immersed in the intellectual blackness, which limits the free development of the rational human intellect. To give it beginning in this period the domain of the truths disclosed for the divine word, what it does not allow the plea on the part of who hears. Impelling in this way the performance of the reason in the search of the knowledge, with long ago classic Greek happened inside of the philosophy. Still, in this scope, the ethical limitation occurs, for the religious and dogmtica nature. In the objective to fortify the divine revelations together the intellectuals, the Philosophy Catholic only uses to advantage the inheritance of the Antiquity, particularly of Plato and Aristotle, but, evident that after a Christian submission. It starts there, a process elaborated of the applicability of the Christian Ethics, or Medieval ethics, next to society with sights to another world (the holy ghost), carrying the values and end, until then human, God.