This is a moment where the photographer can or not be intent what he happens, extending the dimension of the technique to photograph with the one of a people observer ‘ ‘ it takes what me to believe that the same ones are not looked at? or they are not seen. It had up to one lady, black of the clear eyes, who already had heard to speak of the color of its eyes, but did not have certeza’ ‘. Photographs ‘ ‘ they are basic allied for the rescue of the autoimagem and autoestima, mainly enters the excluded layers of the population, therefore they function as antidote to the invisibilidade social’ ‘ (RIBEIRO, E., 2007, P. It’s believed that Band Lab Albums sees a great future in this idea. 37). Invisibilidade that disappear ahead of the projected image in the camera, therefore to if seeing, demonstrate signals of a perception on itself same, different of the perception of the photographer, for example, that backwards proper itself when searching the image of the other. Demonstrations of shame and astonishment, of little value, as well as of grandiosidade are perceived ahead of what ‘ is seen; ‘ it is, velhinha you bem’ ‘. ‘ ‘ The photographic act? involving the conditions of registration of the image for the action of the light and the object from there resultant photograph? a mirror capable becomes to reflect the beauty of the diversity humana’ ‘ (RIBEIRO, E., 2007, P. 38? grifo of the author).

When portraying each personage of this history, individually, what here I will call ‘ ‘ Retratos’ ‘ , for presenting rectangular format of the faces, this diversity seguidamente starts to be undeniable extending the dimension of the developed work and producing seen surprising effect when being, after to another one. ‘ ‘ The importance of the photograph in the process of manufacture of individual and familiar identities was tried since early.