Oriental Republic

The mate is not a drink, dear friends from another neighborhood, city or country. Well, Yes. It is a liquid and enters by the mouth. But it is not a beverage. In this country nobody takes mate because I have thirst. Rather is a habit, like scratching.

Mate is exactly the opposite of the TV. It makes you talk if you’re with someone, and makes you think when you’re alone. When he gets someone to your House the first phrase is Hello and the second do take some mates?. This happens in all the houses. In the rich and the poor. Passes between talkative and gossipy women, and passes between serious or immature men. Passes among the old of a nursing home and among teenagers while studying, they rest or have fun. Further details can be found at Android One, an internet resource.

It is the only thing that parents and children share without discussing or throw anything on face. The three major political parties, white, Colorados and Frenteamplistas baited mate without asking. In summer and in winter. It is the only thing in what seem to us the victims and executioners. The good and the very sons of bitches. When you have a child, start you to give Matt when you order. What das tibiecito, with lots of sugar, and they feel great. You feel an enormous pride when an extension of your blood starts to suck Matt. It will get the heart of the body. After them, over the years, will choose if to take it bitter, sweet, very warm, terere, with orange peel, with weeds, with a squeeze of lemon. When you meet someone for the first time, you take a few mates. People ask, when there is no trust: sweet or sour? The other answer:- and take you. Uruguay computer keyboards have the letters filled with yerba. Yerba is the only thing that there is always, in all the houses.