Opposites Partner

All living beings communicate analog. Only people analog and digital! When two people even meet the first, is the knowledge of better people in the advantage. Intuitively, he/she may roughly classify other people. First of all, you get a feeling for the partner: pleasure frustration principle of sub conscious being. Now follows the greeting (form and content). “The attitude, action, the look and the voice of / but also them – enabling us to partner a, subjective, positive or negative mood depending on our personality: speech, so I can see you.” (Socrates 469 BC – 399 BC). For me, this is, in addition to the know yourself”(Oracle of Delphi), one of the most important Greek maxims. Gradually, we learn to recognize the partner in the digital objective area.

The ritual of communication gives us many clues about de / partner, but also for our self-knowledge. The conversation partners are mirrored each other. We are either same or contrasting personalities. In our analytic digital universalist Western world, relatively quickly, we recognize the following two areas: analog peasant cunning (moral) or digital school education (natural or mind science, standards) everyone has known two related areas of the brain: analog (believe): Dre and digital (knowledge): ratio, reason,… The feelings (pleasure or frustration) regulate and control including physical off printing and the from language (word choice, sentence structure).

Note: Believers are not rational! You all know the two folk wisdom: DC and DC to join. (Or logic) Opposites attract. (And logic) In natu(e)rlichen clan societies, communications openings as is well known to several hours! In the United States, and so on, you immediately reach the thing. The pragmatic facts at the heart of the communication is available regardless of the mutual sympathy. The generally binding form(-Auswahl) dominates over the emotions. Note: +. Communication is always the information and manipulation. + Only verbally, you can take a neutral stance.