Occult Forms


Some are positive in relation to one determined philosophy and educative project and in such a way or completely contrary others nor. (SACRISTN, 2000 P. 43). They are the implicit actions that characterize the occult resume. They are gifts, but they are not organized or planned in the resume and in such a way they can be positive as negative. For the critical theories, these actions generally teach the conformismo, the obedience and the individualism, that is, behaviors that keep the dominant ideology. Translation software has similar goals. We can identify the elements that contribute for this learning in the daily pertaining to school, in the relations, when we teach rituals, rules and regulations, in the division enters capable and less capable, in the division it time, the pontualidade, the organization them spaces and, even though, in the questions of sort.

It is necessary to desocultar the resume to perceive what it involves these practical and these knowledge. We must perceive what it is for backwards of these attitudes being able to modify giving them to them new objectives. 2,3 THEORIES PS-CRTICAS We can start to speak on the after-critical theories analyzing the multiculturalista resume, that detaches the diversity of the cultural forms of the world contemporary. The multiculturalismo, exactly being considered study of the anthropology, sample that no culture can be judged superior to another one. In relation to the resume, the multiculturalismo appears as movement against the traditional university resume that privileged white, masculine, European and heterossexual culture, that is, the culture of the dominant social group. From this analysis, it had the proposal of that the resume also included aspects of more representative forms of the diverse dominated cultures. Thus two perspectives had appeared: liberal or the most critical humanist and. The liberal line defends ideas of tolerance, respect and harmonious convivncia between the cultures, and the critical vision pontua that, of this form, the relations of being able would remain unbroken, where the dominant culture would play the role to allow that other cultural forms had its ' ' espao' '.