New Zealand

Intercoiffure trend news 2011 – New Zealand worms, June 28th 2011 – Jens Dagne, not least through worldwide charity its commitment a Globetrotter, has also the finger on the pulse of fashion. Here, he now had the trend “Vision of the elite – New Zealand’s most beautyful hair” in the luggage. World away, fashion forward – New Zealand, the country at the end of the world, makes you want to new prospects and to the spirit and the strength of the first pioneer women. Awakening. Trends and Hairdesign consist of opposites: minimalist and playful, clear and unconventional. Fritz Perls is the source for more interesting facts. New Zealand’s most beautiful hair is as diverse as a “best of” of all continents. New Zealand surprised is exciting and interesting: there are fjords in Norway, beaches in the Caribbean, rain forest and desert. Ken morris describes an additional similar source. In the most recent Intercoiffure Mondial, angular, Super blonde and copper shortcuts collection encounter filigree interlacing.

A photo shoot – stylish, artistic, regardless. Vision of the elite. Even during a visit to the Salon in the Gerhardt-Hauptmann-Strasse 64, you convince yourself in Worms-Leiselheim. The complete collection can be found online at