Whether it’s a second income, 2nd leg, business start-ups or a professional concept and career for entrepreneurs, FE.N offers the right – for everyone immediately feasible. FE holds the entry ways into independence.N simple. Perhaps check out Jill Schlesinger for more information. This can begin with the starter, ORGANISATOR/in and further expanded, E.g. with founding a jeans Depot. For sales professionals or entrepreneurs getting started as an investor with one or more DLC (Depot logistic center) presents with territorial protection to the supply and equipment of smaller deposits, until opening a DLC’s in a new country and thus international career opportunities. This fast paced Marktentwickung took advantage of FE.N and revised the previous concept of the depot, to provide even more quality and a better service of its partners and customers and to the gaps between the individual partners to close the depots and the central logistics – depot (DLC). In cooperation with a renowned consulting company was a franchise Depot concept connected with Direct sales develops and goes on June 1, 2009 at the start.

There are 3 types of repository to choose: FE.Home-Depot – for beginners FE N.Premium depot – for advanced FE N.N fashion outlet and fashion outlet plus – FE for the sales marketing professional.N DLC (Depot logistic center) concept with territorial protection – for the investor and entrepreneur. Attractive bonus payments for the promotion of the FE.N Depot concept, which instantly and daily asgeschuttet, round this franchise concept down. The classical Vetriebsprofi, the promoter but also the NetWorker are addressed for the further expansion of sales. The opening of a depot or DLC can be promoted under circumstances through State resources. The funding concept for the interested entrepreneurs as also the investor was already in a cooperation with the consultancy and the FE.N worked out management. Assistance and support offers the consulting firm each. Detailed information on updates on the Web page fashion Europe NET stands on a solid foundation and continues to grow, regardless of the financial crisis. The company grows together with the partners and the leadership, it is important that decisions affecting all discuss together with partners and implemented. And the success has FE.N law. H & B marketing Irena of Oakley