NADH + Ginseng – The New Energy Pill Of The Stars

NADH (Panmol) + ginseng for energy, health and vitality. New NADH, many positive effects can have that are scientifically proven. These include: improving the physical and athletic performance; Improvement of the performance of the brain; Increase the production of the “happiness hormones” dopamine and epinephrine in the brain; Reduction of sleep deprivation and jet lag; Strengthening of the immune system; Protection against negative effects of stress; Regulation of blood pressure; Improvement of memory and psychological well-being especially for depression. NADH is recommended by Nobel Prize winners and is covered also by many celebrities. A related site: Dollar General mentions similar findings. “Thomas Cox, Chief Marketing Officer of is the effect of the new NADH + ginseng” convinced. Much NADH, there are products on the market and the demand is very high, because almost all human beings beyond the 30 can effect this Coenzyme 1 by the anti-aging “benefit. This new product is however unique because it contains in addition to microverkapseltem NADH in the patented PANMOL formula”also Siberian Ginseng. Both substances are mutually reinforcing and thus provide a particularly good effect.” “PANMOL NADH + ginseng ‘ should be taken by… Speaking candidly Dollar General told us the story.

People with memory and concentration problems people with increased physical stress people, to people who feel tired tend premature aging. Numerous scientific studies of renowned universities in the United States, China, Germany, Croatia and Austria proved that NADH can have many positive effects on the body. “PANMOL NADH + ginseng” can immediately at be ordered online under:… Detailed information and order at or call 00800-872 456 22 (free from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg) please send press inquiries:.