Murhun Cards

A fun race with elements of arcade games with lots of interesting bonuses and trips. You probably know our feathered friends from the past series of games murhan, they were in most cases as a target, which is supposed to kill for small time limit. But now the birds got into a jet card, and started a mini league. Certainly, though, in the race for the championship will participate, not all birds, but evil pumpkin, snowman, frosty, smart frog. Let's look at each driver closer: The best driver Murhan. Main favorite race, does not stop him.

Morfrosh seemingly simple wah, but it made the relocation of the moles, and is now prepared for this frog contest. It usually takes third place. Leshan – plain, but somehow managed to climb to second place, losing only . Pumpkin – the grim way it's pretty strong contender. Something like a pumpkin on Halloween. Snowman – feels like a king on the winter road, but with others there will be problems, such as hot Egypt.

The game is full of bars, not much like the others. In any one of them needs its own methodology. On the way lies a lot of useful items such as hammer, with which you can hit the nearest opponent, or a container of liquid, it is necessary to throw in the 20 steps forward. In the manipulation of maps are very malleable, and any press on the keyboard to immediately react to it. Murhun has a few: Test mode, in which the player no one harm. In the next mode you can play at once a couple, choosing a favorite track. And in a final opportunity to compete in the competition for first place.