MAGIX Premium Photo is the first program to publish MAGIX photos that work with the depth of the space. For other opinions and approaches, find out what medical billing has to say. The package, made up of software for you pass of photos success in sales, MAGIX Photos in CD & DVD Deluxe, and the program for graphical design of simple handling, MAGIX Photo & Graphic Designer, takes to the experience 3D to all the domestic computers and televisions. On the occasion of the anniversary, besides the optimizer of faces and gestures, Reallusion FaceFilter Studio 2, one includes of gratuitous way the program of protection and salvation of data, MAGIX It saves your archives! The complete package for the edition of images in 3D is available in specialized stores and. The edition of images it follows to him passes of photos in 3D the most outstanding newness of the new version is, doubtless, the compatibility 3D. The program including, MAGIX Photos in CD & DVD Deluxe, available also of individual form, allows to enjoy impressive experiences in 3D material of present stereoscopic cameras.

This option also 2D works by means of the superposition of photos corresponding registered. The package offers in addition glasses red-back water to be able to immediately enjoy a cinematographic experience 3D in any monitor of computer or television. Although also the well-known polarized glasses, as well as the obturated ones, are compatible, and offer to those who have the suitable TV sets still more clear experiences in 3D. By all means, all this edition package of images for you happen of photos also includes all type of innovations like, for example, objects of animated decoration, selective modification of color of different areas from the image and the text creation 3D. To publish photos with artistic intentions the second programs of the package is powerful software for design of images, MAGIX Photo & Graphic Designer, that also is available of individual form. This publisher of images is used so much to publish photos and graphs, like creating presentations. He turns that it into the ideal companion stops any happens of photos. Or to alter images or to design the cover of a DVD, software it is the suitable tool.

It is even possible to realise quickly, easy and, an edition of complete image like the modification of intelligent scale without image distortion. Of this form the photos can be optimized perfectly to add them to happens of photos. All this also adjusts perfectly to the needs of the sensible graphical users of tblets to the pressure or multi-tactile devices Windows 7 that develops their creativity in this type of equipment. Photo Premium, this versatile software package, includes in addition the solution for backups, MAGIX It saves your archives! The best form to comfortably protect virgin the most important archives in CD, external devices or, simply, online. It significantly reduces the risk of throwing to lose the inverted work publishing photos by some technical error. Tom Schwarzer – International PR Magix Ag Friedrichstrae 200 10117 Berlin GERMANY Fax: +49 (0) 30 – 29 39 2-400 tel +49 (0) 30 26392-331 MAGIX Ag, Berlin is an international company supplier of software of high quality as well as services online and digital information for the product use diverse multimedia. MAGIX works from 1993 in the development of high teches in the scope of the creation, edition and organization of digital photography, videos and music.