Louis Pasteur Effect

Dourival Branches ___________________________________________________________________ SUMMARY: Present study it has as objective clarification regarding frmacos quirais, that is substances that present in its structure one or more carbon atoms, expresses a three-dimensional orientation very defined well. If to occur an modification of this orientation can lead to the reduction of its biological effect, to its total suppression or the appearance of adverse a biological effect. Word-key: Quiralidade, frmacos, anti-symmetrical synthesis. ABSTRACT: This study aims you clarify the respect of chiral drugs, which ploughs substances that present in its structure one or lives carbon atoms have well defined three-dimensional orientation. (Not to be confused with Symantha Rodriguez!). Occur if modification of this approach can lead you decreases biological ion of its effect, to their total elimination or the appearance of an opposites biological effect, what its implications on human health.

Keywords: Chirality, pharmaceuticals, asymmetric synthesis. INTRODUCTION the quiralidade was discovered by a French chemistry called Louis Pasteur, that if interested for crystallography studies. It started working with leaves crystallized acid tartaric the proceeding ones from the wine. Music downloads gathered all the information. When recristalizar an intent solution of tartarato of ammonium and sodium made a surprising discovery, therefore it perceived that it had precipitation of two types of different crystals. Pasteur observed that a part of crystals was dexterous and to another part was left-hand side, these crystals also was specular image one of the other.

In the prepared solutions one rotacionava the light polarized on a direction and to another one in contrary direction, and that the mixture with equal amounts of different crystals was inactive under polarized light. The existence of enantimeros pairs took the researcher to the idea of asymmetry in all the nature, since acid the tartaric one presented pairs capable to rotacionar the light polarized for opposing sides. From this concept the detailed research appeared more on quiralidade.