Latin Tinca

Lin from the Latin Tinca tinca. I catch this fish can be compared to catching trophy carp or bream. Yes, and it is found in places promise of these fish. But catching him is not so simple. * Lifestyle * Of course, the line is found in many regions of our country, but to catch it all. Let's talk about the different periods of catching this fish from the spring to the autumn.

During spawning in tench can last up to a month and sometimes more, depending on weather conditions than it is similar to carp. Only But in contrast to the carp tench is not going in big groups and catching trophy fish in one place does not guarantee the capture of such in the same place. But there is an exception from late spring to early summer. Before and after the spawning period, when he begins a Jordan, but in this case it does not exceed the amount of three individuals. Bite tench spawning time are rare. The most suitable option at this time fishing is angling to move the boat. In the beginning need to understand where to expect bites bream. Maybe this will be the beginning or end of a deep pit, a gentle slope or a steep cliff.

The most promising in my opinion flat area at brovok themselves. It is also possible that nabrovke, biting the smallest inclination at this time because there is the least amount of feed. At the edge of the depth edge 4-9m. is the most appropriate place. Residence lin – various. It's ponds, rivers and lakes. Large specimens found even in marine brackish waters. Inhabits line in dense thickets (in which his undeniable similarity to carp) at a depth of 2-3m. * Note * The most preferred parking space lin. In areas dominated by grasses. Line kept in isolation at the very bottom of vodraslyah which gets the least sunlight. read more