Lasting Impression


The first date is the event most apprehensive, nerve causing the beginning of all relationships and is also the "first impression" and the only thing in life that can not be changed! OK, so you have talked for months on the computer and phone, you spoke from childhood to adulthood, good and bad, past relationships, family and everything else in between and you think you know that person and like them enough to meet them in person. The anticipation builds, you talk and think, where to go, what to do, what to wear, so much preparation to make a great impression and hopefully start a relationship that will last a lifetime. In making that first impression, make sure you have been honest with this person and have been honest with you, dishonesty is not doing a good relationship. Talk to your new friend and discuss what you want to do, where to go, keeping the others likes and dislikes in mind. From that point try the following tips for an exit plan that is sure to be a pleasant time for both.

1. What are your plans, have a backup plan in case of cancellation, closing or the weather. 2. Be punctual, plan a time and place of meeting in March. Discuss the attire of their departure, nothing worse than appearing in a casual attire, the date is more formal dresses.

4. (A valuable related resource: Jill Schlesinger). The first date should be brief and informal, about 2 hours. If after 10 minutes of their servile are in your seat and realize this is not the only one, can make it short and move on, however, if you like them and that's okay, you can always extend the date. 5. Do not argue or partners had a bad mouth, talk about their interests, jobs, hobbies, etc. 6. Limit alcohol or plan a date where alcohol is not available. 7. Plan your exit in a public place so as not to intimidate or create an uncomfortable atmoshere. 8. Thanks to his friend for a wonderful time (regardless) and do not say "I give you a call" if they have no intention of doing so. If the meeting was not what I expected, being honest and tell them. Do not give someone false hope of a second date. Enter this meeting with the idea that you have a new friend, and plan and execute the time based on that premise, if romance is not a flower, still has a friend who has enjoyed speaking. Be aware and reflective, which may one day be on the other side of the coin and surely also appreciate the honesty. Have fun, be open to any possibility and rejection, all part of the cycle of life, enjoy the ride. Paloma is a 47-year-old columnist who writes for Cupids Blackbook. She lives in the American Midwest.