Life in the kitchen or kitchenette with a dog my dog in the kitchen eating his food and water. The bench in our kitchen,a small kitchen, is one of his favorite places. He can hide under it, sit and lie on it but when he has a good overview of what is happening around him so so. If one of us enters the kitchen, he is immediately on the spot. The dog knows that prepared in the kitchen are many delicious things. As already falling off something for him. That may Bowls in the kitchen is is because that is the floors tiled in the kitchen. So you can keep the floor easier to clean, as well as eating something go wrong. When the kids go into the kitchen to make himself a sandwich to the dog is happy, because then something always falls off for him, because children now so times, and the poor dog will not starve … The danger that the dog also views it overlooks and stumbled over him, or his time comes, is very large in the kitchen. When preparingthe food he liked sitting quite close to one, to lie in wait if he does not the receiver. At today’s New Year’s hiding our dog in the kitchen at the corner seat, because he is a little chicken. The conclusion of the dog is – the kitchen is the best place in the world – Homepage: Caricature and Cartoon iiiihMaihl: Roger Point> Schmidt