Jean Piaget

(Fischer, 2000); at last, we consider that identity is the ways to see, to touch/to catch, to hear, to feel and of saborear, that they are imbricados to the ways of being, to make, to judge, etc., of the citizen – here, the ways of being, thinking and to make of the politician. We also understand that the statements are constructed through words, sounds and images and are used as persuasion strategies, with which we can manipulate words, sounds and images favoring ours ' ' inteno' ' of directions. as the marks left for ours ' ' amigos' ' politicians are always of good young man, in them report the Maingueneau (2005), to understand what it speaks on ' ' ethos' ' that &#039 is the one auto-image; ' eu' ' projected discursivamente, that is, what he is characteristic and predominant in the attitudes, you say and feelings of the individuals. However it is necessary to understand that the great majority of these speeches is only empty speeches rhetorician of the politicians whom they search to keep or to conquer the power and not worries in creating a conscience of itself exactly, much less of the world that the fence. Target shines more light on the discussion. Determined to carry through its ideas, he constructs its truth and he makes with that the world if presents in particular way. The probability, masked for the satire, made with that speeches politicians desconstrussem the reality and constructed and reconstructed its proper determination, other people’s the real conditions of the people, and what the great majority not yet understands is that we withhold the power. As &#039 said Jean Piaget; ' we are capable to obey a rule from the moment that to discover the value of this regra' '. If we do not perceive the true importance of our vote and as we must be multicriteria in the choice of our representative we will be the grace of pretty politicians who discursivamente prepared still obtain ludibriar in them with its speak decorated and..