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Companies that integrate the sustainability in the heart of their strategy, fidelizando to the new intelligent clients. ” In addition, it is good for the planet, for the soul, the family and a righter world and tico” , the investigator of tendencies Faith Popcorn thinks (the USA). More information is housed here: medical billing software. To all this, she adds the prestigious weekly magazine Die Zeit, of Hamburg, even affirms that she has herself initiated a reorganization of Capitalism. ” Serious social investigators observe that they are changing the attitudes of the industrial society, when the machines of the factories marked you rule of the life and trabajo”. In the present society of networks, wired workers (term of British sociologist Anthony Giddens, talking about to the workers of the network in its fight against the tide of data) and technostress contradict with the imperative of competitiveness and creativity that the modern society of the knowledge demands. Before she was the people of the Church and the politicians who exerted a function of social model.

” Today they are manager” , it affirms to the ex- monk and consultant Anselm Bilgri, founder of the Zentrum consultant fr Unternehmenskultur, of Munich, that advises to the German economic elite in ethical questions. For Bilgri, the enterprise culture of S-values essential to be successful in the long term. In the case concerns that us of Venezuela, the manager must generate transformations for his management in order to take step to a true culture organizational humanist who being respected the reach of a good ethics, allows that she has organizations humanists, where, the human resource feels well compensated, is clear the fulfillment to him of his functions, she motivates herself to them, him of preactive participation in the decision makings that favors to the company Is due to consider itself, as it express the professor of Esade and the Independent University of Barcelona, Javier Aguilar, expert in creation of companies, that the management humanist and ethics, that usually conceives to the organization from a holistic perspective – that leaves from the premise of which the company is all integrated, where all the implied parts are equally important, he is leitmotiv of the enterprise social responsibility (RSE). At heart, one treats is of ” to guide itself by the common sense, which sometimes is complicated, due, mainly, stress, the fatigue and the hypervelocity, so present in the majority of atmospheres profesionales” , he aims. In his opinion, ” at the most he is reversed in improving the labor conditions of workers, major is the commitment of these and, consequently, its motivation and productivity, which repels very positively in the final account of resultados”. In addition, ” the satisfaction of the workers is what makes possible that the company can offer a better treatment to the clients, establishing nearer and emotional connections, that are the base of authentic fidelizacin”. Not in vain, ” since in the companies of services the people are what the greater added value generates, the managers must create a culture takes care of that them and it develops all posible” to them;.