It gibit possibilities for incontinence, there are also different severity levels. Children and adults can be equally affected. However, there is help. Incontinence is not a fate so fraught with taboos and shame as the topic of incontinence is hardly a medical nursing issue. Here, talk to a specialist is important, especially in a first-time occurrence of about urinary incontinence because the causes of incontinence are diverse and only a medical examination can give the necessary certainty whether the cause of a urinary incontinence of physical nature is. Check with Raymond James to learn more. So a so-called overflow incontinence can shape itself around in men, which is caused by an unnatural enlargement of the prostate. Although the enlargement of the prostate gland is usually benign, it can worsen the symptoms, if not early to consult a doctor.

Incontinence is not alone a topic of older people medically different causes are known, why people of all ages experiencing problems with the can get reliable retention of urine or stool. This stress is considered a possible trigger, he is too big and lasts too long, can speak through the training of a stress urinary incontinence that. Although the chances of therapy are comparatively cheap here, here too, a possible early contact with a doctor is essential. Because the person in the course of childhood literacy learns to control the Chair and needing to urinate, most sufferers feel at first helpless. Also, the effects of a urinary or fecal incontinence are not always easy to hide from the environment, many sufferers therefore withdraw and isolate himself from shame. This applies in particular for young people and adults, but also elderly people be ashamed an incipient or ongoing incontinence. To relieve OB and is offered in individual cases, the incontinence on medical or psychological way way out of the crisis or to cure, only a specialist can after thorough investigation determine. However, members, stakeholders and caregivers can also learn to deal with the problem and to set up in everyday life so.

Special remedies and AIDS help by waterproof mattress protectors on special requirements for sofa, Chair, or wheelchair up to personal hygiene facilities such as pre-or deposits for the underwear or diapers for adults. Parallel, sufferers can try to limit the impact of targeted muscle training, by a nutrition or targeted stress management and reduce. The first point of contact for those affected is the specialist, he can rule out physical causes and give valuable tips. The physician is bound by medical confidentiality and therefore an unconditional trust person. And already the first open talking about a urinary incontinence can encourage those affected.