House Prudence

Friedrich Engels: As much prudence is needed to govern an empire, like a House. Ivan Pavlov often says this. Popular proverb: consciousness is worth a thousand witnesses rather than nothing is necessary to demystify this virtue, because in recent years has been used the term prudent to designate a person refugee in the Palace of the inoperative comfort, those who are allergic to take risks, to those who are fond of the stillness extreme, the total ineffectiveness and the tranquility without results. Called so also to whom, in the height of cynicism, accommodates for interest to different positions as well these are contrary. We make clear, to begin that cannot be called prudent devious, expert people to hide their feelings, their emotions and their true intentions behind a very tested smile that turns out to be hoax. Nor is it who applies his acting to feign a behavior whereby disguises his true intentions and his lower passions. Prudence is not a technique, or a manifestation of despicable hypocrisy. Nothing farthest from reality.

Prudence cannot be a mask or a costume. Not a hand brake for those wishing to stay in constant motion towards the achievement of their highest purposes. Prudence is a good habit of thinking straight and carefully everything that should be done. The prudent not acts in an impulsive way nor becomes carried away by emotions: nor by the joy or anger; nor by the affection nor by the rancor. The prudent knows the situation, think on it and then acts wisely. If we take a stroll by the etymology found that prudent comes from the latin prudens, prudentis whose meaning is knowledgeable, expert, cautious. Prudence also comes from the latin for the word prudentia and this in turn of pro videntia, who sees in advance, or who sees forward, which is prudent. In a simple dictionary definition can say that prudence is the quality that consists of acting with reflection and caution to avoid possible damage prudence, to teach us to analyze and check before you decide and act taking into account the consequences, has a high incidence in our life, in the way that we operate within the community to which we belong and our personal scale of values.